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Special Mazinger Z – Fists Out!

Mazinger Z is a manga and anime series that was created by cartoonist and screenwriter Bo Nagai in the 1970s. In fiction, it was the first giant robot manned by a protagonist.

There are many lovers and collectors of this mythical robot, so on this occasion and celebrating its 50th birthday, we have found a series of special items for geeks of this legendary robot.

1/144 scale model articulated

This collectible assembly kit does not require glue and its pieces are easily assembled as long as you follow its instruction book. Taking maximum care of the details, it is articulated having a final height of 18 cm.

Mazinger Z model on AMAZON

Mazinger Z T-shirt

This 100% cotton t-shirt with the image of the robot about to unclench its fists will be one of your most glorious t-shirts.

Mazinger + Aphrodite Pack

Having the complete duo of the two cyber partners is a luxury within everyone’s reach. It consists of two figures of about 18 cm in height, each one of them with its individual base so that you can place them in the place that you like the most.

Duo pack on AMAZON

Multicolor puzzle

This puzzle with small pieces will serve as a hobby as well as decoration later. Its 150 pieces we know will be a challenge for you. Dare yourself!

Multicolor puzzle on AMAZON

Complete series

If what you want is not to fall into oblivion and from time to time binge watching the complete series, you can enjoy it with this box that contains its 32 subtitled DVDs.

Complete series Mazinger on AMAZON

Antistress Mazinger Z

An anti-stress figure of a robot so powerful, it will make you smile. Get ready to squeeze him with lots of love, don’t break him.

Antistress at AMAZON

Mazinger Z original cufflinks

If you have to attend an event where you need a shirt and cufflinks… give it a fun touch and take the opportunity to show off your Mazinger Z figure with you. Will attract attention!

Cake mold

Can you imagine a personalized cake with the impressive head of Mazinger? You don’t have to dream it, because it exists. With this silicone mold suitable for oven and microwave, you can make the cake of your dreams.

Mazinger Z camo ashtray

In the event that there are smokers around you, it does not hurt to have an ashtray at hand, but this time it is a super ashtray with a steel head that includes even the conveyor. Who would imagine what it is?

Steel ashtray on AMAZON

Mouse pads

This pack of 2 22×18 mats will accompany you in your day to day while you study or work.

Mouse pads on AMAZON

Tie clip

Wearing a tie with a Mazinger Z barrette is something only you can do. Fun and original, it will give your outfit a slightly less formal look.

Tie clip on AMAZON

Mazinger Z Plush

A stuffed animal could not be missing among the items of this great robot. This stuffed animal measures 40 cm and can decorate the favorite place in your house.

You no longer have reasons not to celebrate the 50th birthday of your favorite robot. Take the opportunity and treat yourself. And you know …. never forget the phrase: …. FISTS OUT!

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