String bag our style to put everything

When we do not want to carry a heavy backpack, but we need to put even the minimum, the best are the string bags that do not weigh anything. They can be stored anywhere and it seems incredible everything you can carry in them. As usual with us, style matters to us and as a string bag should be, they are specially designed for us who are quite capricious.

Emoji Drawstring Bags

These drawstring bag will not go unnoticed and with this pack of 12 you can even carry one that indicates your mood.

Pack Emoji bags on AMAZON

If this thing about the packs to change depending on our mood motivates us, then we are going to show you another option. This time it’s about giving color to your back, and a color for each day of the week is perfect.

Pack of 20 colored bags from AMAZON

But if you are still not satisfied with the proposed packs, we present this other pack of 8 bags with different designs so you will never get bored.

Pack of 12 bags on AMAZON

And if it’s about little monsters, then you also have little monsters, why not?

Pack 12 monsters in AMAZON

Sequined drawstring bag

On this occasion, we are going to shine our back with this sequined bag. You have 7 models to choose from. Impossible to resist temptation, don’t you think?

Sequin string bag on AMAZON

And if sequins are what you like, then we show you another model that also includes a purse and headband. Couldn’t ask for more!

String bag on AMAZON

NFL Drawstring Bag

This model is highly coveted among baseball lovers. Do not miss it!


Video game bag

If what you want is to take your controls to play with friends in different houses, this bag may be the most suitable. Go for it!

String bag on AMAZON

Gym String Bag

And instead of a backpack, we suggest you take this practical bag to the gym. It has the advantage of having a zippered pocket and a compartment so you can carry your water bottle. Its thick cords make it more resistant and if you wear headphones, its cable will go unnoticed through its special outlet for them.

Gym Bag on AMAZON

Soccer Drawstring Bag

If you have thought about playing a game with friends, be it soccer or volleyball on the beach, for example, then don’t miss this bag where everything will be in its place.

Ball bag on AMAZON

Kiss bag

You already know… Stay with everyone in your path and let your back say the last word. Turn your back in style!

Kiss bag on AMAZON

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