Fun pencil holder and much more – Dare!

Our work table will surely have its laptop, or it may be the desktop computer, its screens, perhaps the video console, but what certainly cannot be missing is a fun holder for pens, pencils and if you feel like it, let it be as well. for mobile or airpods. Let’s see if among those that we propose, you fall in love with one that is very original and fun.

Fun holder for a pencil

This pencil holder is the funniest. You will have the pencil at hand, without rolling on the table but it will bring smiles to anyone who sees it.

Pencil holder on AMAZON

Laptop stand

This telescopic case shrinks and stretches, making its funny face a very attractive decorative object. You have different models to choose from. The good thing about this model is that it is portable and has even departments, so you can transport it and when you get to your table, leave it vertical to be able to work comfortably.

Laptop stand on AMAZON

Fun water bucket stand

Now we are going for an original and creative model that is made up of 2 buckets where it seems that they release water. Some really curious supports.

Pack cubes in AMAZON

Funny Star Wars Stand

That the magnificent Darth Vader offers you your writing utensil is what you would not imagine.

Darth Vader support on AMAZON

But if you prefer a soldier model that does not belong to this memorable saga, you can choose this soldier that will serve you in the same way.

Welded bracket on AMAZON

Cat stands

These kitties will love being used as holders for pens, pencils, glasses, etc. It is a pack of 5 funny kittens that will decorate your table with their funny dance simulation.

Pack cats in AMAZON

Plant pot support

Original way to deposit pens and pens. This little plant will also serve to decorate your table giving it a very natural air.

Plant support on AMAZON

Welcome to space

This pen holder is the most spacey. Your sitting astronaut made of high quality silicone will enchant you. There are 5 different space models so you can choose the fun support that best suits you.

Space support on AMAZON

If instead of a satellite you prefer to be on the Moon, you cannot miss this nice astronaut leaning on it. You can also choose between 2 different models.

Moon model on AMAZON

Crab supports

If you are looking for a creative way to leave your writing supplies, you can opt for this pack of 4 crabs that will serve you with great devotion.

Crab pack on AMAZON

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