A tissues box that pleases your eyes

In all houses it is appreciated to have a box of tissues that we will use almost daily. The shapes and designs are very varied, but in this post, we are going to suggest the most original and fun ones that we have found.

Magic cube

This colorful magic cube will brighten up the vision in the room where you decide to place it. Nobody expects it to contain a box of tissues, and that makes it even more original. The size of this cube is 14 x 14 x 14 cm.

A gentleman and a box of tissues

An elegant gentleman in a bowler hat will keep your handkerchiefs safe and smile when they use it. Add a touch of humor and greet the gentleman.

The clean van

The legendary Volkswagen van is also a decorative box of tissues. Welcome to the hippie era.

VW van on AMAZON

If we liked the hippie era, maybe what you prefer is the car model symbol of that movement, decorated with all the symbols of the time. Who knew it would contain a box of tissues.

An unusual radio

If retro is our thing, this retro radio will decorate our house and at the same time it will be very useful for us, serving to store a box of tissues that you will surely use.

Retro radio on AMAZON

A box of cat tissues

It’s time for cat lovers. The friendly eyes of this pet let you know that the tissues are ready to be used. Use it!

The white house

Something as simple as a typical white house can house the scarves you use every day. It will go unnoticed… or not. What do you think?

White house in AMAZON

The funny cow

A cow that hides the handkerchiefs in an original way, is very decorative and will give a nice air to your table.


Marine tissue box

And if what we are passionate about is the sea, sailing or shells and starfish, this will undoubtedly be your favorite tissue dispenser box.

Marine box on AMAZON

Be careful, they are not for reading!

We needed to give our house a classic look but with originality. Look at these very special books, because they contain the tissues that you are going to use.

Tissue Books on AMAZON

Tissues for travelers

As we like to travel and remember those special places where we have been, it is also possible thanks to this travel suitcase. I’m sure you’ll find a place to put it.

Tissue bag on AMAZON

Do you know which one you like the most? Surely we have aroused your curiosity to find your favorite box.

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