The toilet brush holder that will bring joy to your bathroom

The toilet brush holder is associated with the toilet, yes or yes. Since we have to have an accessory in our bathroom, let’s take the opportunity to give it that characteristic touch of humor that always represents us.

We have found some of the most original toilet brush holders that will undoubtedly produce amazement when anyone enters the bathroom.

Flowery toilet brush holder

Let’s go with the first of the list, which could well be a very flowery toilet brush holder like the one we show you. A fun flower emerges from this accessory. It is most original.

Fun flower in AMAZON

The icing on the cake

Another option is to give it a fruity air with this pretty cherry. Who would say that it is not really a decorative object but a useful toilet brush holder.

An unexpected jar

In this case, it will be this original jug that occupies the space next to the toilet. Very decorative and functional, serving at the same time as a brush for the toilet.

Toilet brush holder on AMAZON

Gloomy toilet brush

We do not know whether to define it as gloomy or quite the opposite, as comical, but what is clear is that it will not go unnoticed. To be or not to be, that is the question.

Skull in AMAZON

Cat toilet brush holder

We are in luck if you are a cat lover, because you can have this elegant cat in black or white in your bathroom. Impossible to resist this accessory that will be very decorative.


A cactus that is not a cactus

An also very original model is this green polypropylene cactus. It seems that it will go unnoticed but it will surely attract the attention of those who use it.

Cacti in AMAZON

An egg with legs

This funny egg with legs will be part of the decoration of your bathroom. Its brush is also made with high quality TPR material and great flexibility. Don’t hesitate… your toilet will thank you for using it.

Brush egg on AMAZON

We assume that you have already taken note and surely you have been bitten by the bug to find that much-needed accessory for your toilet. Do you already know which one you will choose?

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