Cigarette cases so you don’t have bad smoke

Smokers know perfectly well that smoking is not advisable for our health, but if we have decided to give ourselves this pleasure, what we want is for our tobacco packages not to look like tobacco packages and give this accessory a fun touch. That is why the original cigarette cases that you will see in this post, perfectly fulfill that function but also cause a sensation.

Fun cigarette cases

This silicone cigarette case with its open mouth design is very original and will not go unnoticed. Be clear that when you take it out, you will cause a sensation.

Open Mouth Cigarette Case on AMAZON

Cigarette cases – Tobacco bags

For gamers, nothing more inspiring than a classic like PacMan. Now you can have your tobacco bag with a Nintendo design.

We can continue with designs for gamers, this time being a design in the purest Playstation style.

Console design cigarette case on AMAZON

But if dogs are your thing, you’re going to love this design. Made of EVA rubber that maintains moisture, it is a whim of cigarette cases.

And what about these adorable penguins?

Cigarette case on AMAZON

In the event that retro is your thing, this tape will excite you. A very original design where you can also choose if you want it in the two different colors that are available.

Music tape on AMAZON

Cigarettes camouflaged on keychain

Another way to carry cigarettes is by camouflaging them on a keychain. Who would have suspected that this keychain contains 8 cigarettes? You can choose from more than 10 different designs.

Keychain Cigarette Case on AMAZON

Cigarette case with USB electric lighter

This cigarette case with a camouflage design includes a windproof plasma lighter that is also USB rechargeable. Now you have the whole complete pack.

Set of 6 cigarette cases

A set of 6 cigarette cases with retro designs can be part of your day to day life. Handmade, their designs are varied and you won’t know which one will arrive. Do you dare to try?

Set 6 cigarette cases on AMAZON

Tobacco can with humidifier

Leave everyone surprised when you roll a cigarette. You will take out your silver metal tobacco tin with humidifier and surprise.

Tobacco tin on AMAZON

Electric tube rolling machine

For those who want rolling tobacco, but do not want to waste time, we have found an electric tube rolling machine. What more could you want?.

Entubadora eléctrica en AMAZON

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