Sponge, little sponge… for a particularly fun bath

A bath sponge is a product that we use every day. A good option is to have a fun and original sponge for that pleasant and relaxing bath. Even if you go on a trip somewhere, nothing better than making that shower daring and special using one of the sponges that we are going to suggest.

Sponge with fruit design

We find this sponge very refreshing thanks to its fruity design. It is a pack of four sponges made with quality materials that will give a very bright color to the bathroom.

Fruit Sponge at AMAZON

Ice cream sponges

To stay frozen, do not hesitate to have this trio of sponges in the shape of ice cream and with such striking colors. You will enjoy the feeling!

Pack ice cream sponges in AMAZON

The ice creams can also be in the form of ice cream sticks.

Sponge ice cream on AMAZON

Multicolored natural sponges

This set with five hydrophilic natural sponges will provide a sensation of softness on your wonderful skin. In addition, its colors will give color to your personal hygiene.

A sponge and a rose

It will be a luxury to have a rose-shaped sponge in your bathroom. An elegant and sophisticated air that will gently cleanse your skin. This pack is made up of two soft mesh sponges that produce an exfoliating effect.

Roses sponges on AMAZON

Some mittens in the shape of a footprint

We found these soft mittens with an ultra-soft texture and a cute cat footprint shape. Who can resist this funny footprint under the shower.

Mitten footprints on AMAZON

An original shower brush

With this set you will reach every corner of your body and thanks to its striking colors and designs, they will not go unnoticed in your bathroom.

Shower set on AMAZON

A mitten with a fun design

A ladybug design made of organic cotton will become your favorite bath sponge.

Ladybug mitten on AMAZON

Although you may prefer a bunny that has exfoliating mesh on one side and soft cotton on the other that will take care of your skin.

Exfoliating rabbit on AMAZON

You just have to enjoy a nice shower or a relaxing bath, without forgetting to have your favorite sponge at hand.

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