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Mobile cable protector – An original invention!

The mobile charger is an accessory that we use every day, so we are putting it in and taking it out of the sockets on a daily basis. The cable suffers from it, and protecting it is a way to make it last much longer. The original thing is also to put a cable protector to protect it, so that we do not lose sight of it and also to give a fun point to that charger that accompanies us wherever we go.

We are going to see some examples of mobile cable protectors that we are sure will surprise you.

Full color cable protector

This pack contains 36 units of spiral cable protector that you can use on all the cables that are connected to the network. Being of different colors, you will also have them classified and the colors are the most striking.

AMAZON Spiral Cable Protector

Pack 32 pieces to protect the cable

In this case let’s see this original pack of 32 pieces that includes 10 charger cable chews, another 10 spiral cable protectors with fun chewing terminal and finally 10 spiral cable protectors with 5 different colors.

Pack protects cable in AMAZON

Sweet little animals

These adorable animal mouths will protect the cable wonderfully and in a fun way. This pack with 12 different animals will give you the option to use them on all your devices. Dare to give it a fun touch!

Protective animals in AMAZON

Assorted protectors

A pack of 20 pieces, which work as cable clips to protect it unexpectedly. You have 3 different varieties to choose from.

Caliper protectors on AMAZON

Anime design of cable protector

A set of 6 Anime design figurines for lovers of this genre. They will surely fit you perfectly.

Anime Design on AMAZON

Pokemon Cable Protector

If you are a fan of Pokemon, you will be excited to have some of the most popular pokemon protecting your mobile cable.


You are going to love these 8 superheroes that will protect the mobile cable. If they do not convince you, you will have more fun packs that will surely do so, such as the special Christmas, Halloween, bunnies, penguins, cacti, etc. Now you can choose!

Protective Super Heroes at Amazon

All you have to do is choose the protector you prefer to have all your devices located. Of course, they will be protected in a fun way!

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