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Fun chocolate that will leave you speechless

It is very likely that on some occasion you have thought of giving away chocolates, but you do not always feel like decanting the typical boxes of chocolates, no matter how exquisite the chocolate is. It is possible that on some of those occasions you prefer to surprise in the sweetest way and you want it to be in a very original way. If so… prepare your senses and enjoy these suggestions.

Chocolate smartphone

This chocolate in the form of a smartphone will be a fun gift and it will surely make sense to give it to someone who does not expect it.

Fashion set

We show you a set of 5 chocolate figures whose theme is fashion and beauty. The set includes a high-heeled shoe, a bag, sunglasses, a perfume and a ring, all made of delicious chocolate.

We have found more sets that you will love, like this DIY music set that includes different musical instruments.

Or this one for hardened cyclists. In this case it includes 5 accessories of a bicycle.

Video game controller

How much fun it is to play with the console and how sweet it will be on this occasion, if you decide to give a replica of the game controller but with a special design and flavor. Chocoholics get ready.

Video game controller on AMAZON

Chocolate Spacecraft

Another fun gift for that person whose head is always in the clouds! Made with milk chocolate space shuttle with seven milk chocolate balls, coated in a candy shell.


Smiles will wake up this mouse that is of course wireless because it will go directly to the most exquisite palates. Who can resist?

Computer mouse on AMAZON

Personalized chocolate

Surprise lovers of this delicious flavor with an XXL size Milka tablet that includes 9 tablets inside. The funny thing is that you can customize it with the message you want.

XXL tablet on AMAZON

Chocolate vehicles

This chocolate car collection is the perfect gift for motoring enthusiasts.

But if you prefer 2-wheelers, this vintage motorcycle will be your downfall. It also comes in a very special wooden box.

Now you know that you can find almost anything you want to sweeten and have fun by giving away anything in chocolate. savor it!

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