Wallets so you don’t run out of money

One of the essential objects are the wallets, which sometimes serve to put what their own name indicates such as coins, but other times they are used to put all kinds of objects that we want to have on hand. Therefore, since it is a basic and useful article … why not have it in the most varied and original ways that we can think of?

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NES controller wallets

Retro consoles do not go out of style but it is increasingly difficult to find them. We suggest you this NES controller purse that will be the whim of every lover of old consoles.

Nintendo NES Classic Controller Bifold Wallet

Retro cassette coin wallets

What we are not going to deny is practically impossible to use, they are the mythical cassette tapes. Imagine then having a purse with part of those mythical casette tapes. There are all colors to suit the consumer. Choose yours!

PSP wallet

If we are fans of the PSP, we would like to have or give away a portfolio that goes with our style. Whether for a gift or for ourselves, this PSP controller wallet will not leave us indifferent.

Cats wallets

We love cats and cat lovers will love this wallet with an original design. It is a wallet and purse and includes a card holder.

Zelda wallet

A wallet mimicking Link’s costume, geek and… elegant!

Legend of Zelda Link’s Costume Wallet

Plush wallet

This cute 8 cm model is a pleasure to touch and when we take it out of the bag to pay it will surely be the envy of those who see it.

Studio Ghibli Coin purse Totoro

Undoubtedly you can find purses of your favorite characters from movies, drawings or books. The market is full of different models, which are more original and fun. Go ahead and find yours!

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