Tea infusers you wouldn’t imagine

Drinking a delicious tea can be even more rewarding if you do it with special infusers, but it can also be a lot of fun if the infusers are the most original.

This time we are going to show you some infusers that will surprise everyone and you will love using them. Let’s treat ourselves!

Little tea men

This couple of little men are really tea infusers that will brighten up the cup and of course the consumers of this drink. Made of 304 food grade stainless steel, it is perfect and original to taste an exquisite cup of tea.

Perhaps you prefer colorful little men made of silicone so that everyone can enjoy their own.

A very peculiar diver

This nice diver will filter the tea leaves to perfection. Includes the extensible cord and support tray to avoid dirtying. It is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Skeleton Hand Tea Infuser

Perfect combination of practicality and aesthetics! It just has a perfect size, you can use it to brew up a cup of tea or service it in a glass pot , they just have the elegant outlook that can match your tea set. And you will find out that they can be drop into any fill opening in the kettle. Just a very good helper!

Dinosaur tea infusers

Emerging from the cup of tea comes this dinosaur with a built-in infuser. It is the most suggestive and fun. Impossible to resist having it.

Taking a bath

Who would have guessed that this woman instead of taking a bubble bath, would be taking a bath in our cup of tea. Have fun!

Clamped Infusers

This infuser is curious in that its subjection is a cute little bee that hooks onto the cup. It is the most original!

If you prefer a cat to hold your tea strainer, here is this cute kitty that will look very chic on your cup.

Robotic tea infuser

That the robot arms surround your cup is not the most common but everyone will love it. Those arms and hands move to create the custom fit on your mug.

Robotic infuser on AMAZON

A boat that is not made of paper

This infuser with a paper boat design but which is really made of silicone has caught our attention. Everyone will smile.

Tea cup with infuser

Finally, we have included this cup in the post because as it has a built-in infuser, it is also very original. Can you resist not having it?

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