Ice molds that leave us frozen

If we have an event at home where we want to surprise, or perhaps it is a very special date, or simply because we are such freaks that we enjoy a glass of our favorite drink but we want the ice not to be the usual ones. If what you want is to surprise and make your guest smile perplexed, don’t miss these ice molds that will cause an impact for sure.

Golf ball ice mold

An original design that will shine on your drink making it shine. With this set of 3 molds you can choose between golf, tennis or even baseball balls. Which one do you decide for?

Ice mold on AMAZON

A very cold snake

Without a doubt, you will arouse laughter when they see that you introduce a snake-shaped ice in your glass. With this pack you can have 2 large coiled cobras.

Cobra ice mold on AMAZON

A sphere and an ice mold

As if it were the Moon, this sphere will get into the glass and dazzle everyone. You have up to 6 different colors of ice mold to choose from. Test it!

Ice sphere on AMAZON

A cold skull

Another option is to put an ice skull in the strongest drinks. To achieve this, here we present an ice mold with 4 cells that you are going to love.

Star Wars ice mold

A pack of 8 valid molds for ice, such as for making soap or candles and even chocolate, is this Star Wars combo. You will have a most galactic drink.

Star Wars Pack on AMAZON

Ice Cubes vs Diamonds

Enjoy with this pack of 2 pieces where you can make ice cubes in the shape of diamonds. If you still want to give it more glamour, dare to put a slice of lemon in the diamond cube, and you will dazzle with the drink.

Diamond Ice on AMAZON

Put a rose in your glass

An ice bucket with its funnel where you can freeze the water, transforming it into an original rose. A beautiful ice flower in your drink…can you resist it?

Ice Rose on AMAZON


Get ready to make huge ice cubes where you can improvise by putting fruits, aromatic herbs or whatever comes to mind inside them. The result will be spectacular!

XXL ice cubes on AMAZON

LED ice cubes

Although it is not an ice mold, the result is an ice cube design but with LEDs. It gradually changes color to adapt to each occasion and holds up perfectly in the water. In this case, it is preferable that it be where the drink bottles are stored and not in each of the drinks….but we leave that to your choice.

LED cubes on AMAZON

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