Different Wall Clocks- Ticking Happy Hour

Wall clocks are strange that they are not part of the decoration of our houses. In the kitchen, in the living room, in the hallway or even in the bathrooms, tic-toc-tic-toc, they always fulfill their function. If in addition to fulfilling their function, they adorn much better then, but if they also stand out for their colors or for their originality, we will have hit the nail on the head of having a decorative and functional object with our hallmark.

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Let’s see what different wall clocks we can find on the market.

Wall clock with adhesive numbers

This curious wall clock will not go unnoticed due to its size and the materials of its numbers. The numbers are adhesive and have the effect of a mirror, made with high quality materials that ensure they do not break, or deform, or lose color. On Amazon it has a score of 4.3 out of 5 with 420 user reviews.

Wall clock for geeks

Having a clock in which to identify the time you have to perform mathematical calculations at full speed, is something that only the geeks will be able to do. In any case, it is fun and original to have various mathematical formulas on a watch.

In the kitchen

A clock in the kitchen is almost an essential. There are very original ones, proof of this is this that we show you that it is not conventional.

Clocks of stories and tales

We have found a type of wall clocks, whose theme is based on stories or stories or even varied themes. They are very decorative and eye-catching. These that we have chosen are, the first one about the story “Alice in Wonderland” and the second one about the musical group Queen, but there are, as we mentioned, very varied themes.

Kovides Queen Vinyl Wall Clock

Try to find yours and you will see that it is a difficult choice, because the market is full of hundreds of varieties of wall clocks.

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