Fun floats for a fun bath

Whether we are going to the beach, or going to a party where there is a pool, whatever it may be, giving the note with floats or geeky mats is what we like the most.

Original and surprising mats

Imagine that you lie down on this round mat. Of course we are going to be very relaxed and we will also attract attention

Watermelon mat on AMAZON

Another mat that can be all the rage would be this one in the shape of a giant pretzel. Dare to stand out!

Pretzel Mat on AMAZON

If you have already noticed the pretzel, do not miss the hamburger. This mat with handles will bring smiles wherever you go. Who knows, maybe they think you are part of this succulent morsel.

Burger on AMAZON

And we must not forget the Emoji that always accompany us on phones or social networks. Let’s also put them in the water and you’ll see how they won’t go unnoticed. With its large size, air chamber and fastening cord, you will not leave it alone for a moment.

Emoji Mat on AMAZON

Floats that you can’t imagine

Having your support pet in the water is more than you could imagine. Have a great time causing a sensation! You have more dog breeds and even a cat to choose from.

Pet floats on AMAZON

Let’s go now with some floats to have fun in the water doing a battle with inflatables. Let’s see who falls before the float! The pack includes 2 units with their two inflatable poles.

Battle on AMAZON

It is the turn of a giant float with a very nice duckling.

Table floats

It is very likely that if we organize a pool party, we will lack a place in the water where we can leave drinks or refreshing fruits to liven up the party. If this is the case, there is a solution! Check out these floating table floats we’ve found. You have 3 models to choose from.

Floating table on AMAZON

Floats like a lounge

What you cannot miss is this float with 4 seats with backrests for four people. It includes the space to put 4 drinks and as if that were not enough, 2 refrigerators where you can put ice and your very cold drink.

Lounge float on AMAZON

You no longer have excuses to ride it big in the water. Choose your funniest float or mat and surprise yourself to cool off this summer.

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