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Wall sconces to illuminate with imagination

It is essential that in some of the walls of our house, we need wall sconces. As always, the difference lies in whether we want to give an original touch to any corner of our house or not.

We opted in this post, so that originality shines in each room and for this reason we are going to suggest a sample of wall sconces that will surprise.

Little man wall sconces

These creative appliques seem to have life. Simulating a little man doing different activities, they are very special to have them in some corner of the house and make it look original. You can choose between various colors or modes, such as having one or two light bulbs and therefore two little men.

Apply little man on AMAZON

Let’s see another position of this nice little man that is very funny even though its function is still that of wall sconces.

Little man wall sconces on AMAZON

Wall sconces fairy lights

This way of lighting a corridor or a room brings nature through the greenery and at the same time the small fairy lights that give the place that intimate air.

Pack of two rustic candle holders on AMAZON

Superheroes as wall sconces

In this case we have several options to make them look like wall lights. First of all, having the Iron Man mask embedded in the wall (or at least that is the illusion that the accompanying sticker will create), is a luxury for lovers of Marvel superheroes. You can find Thor, Spiderman, Hulk, etc. Think of your superheroes and you will surely find your perfect wall light.

In this case it works with batteries and rest assured that it will be a surprising decoration for whoever sees it.

Marvel Wall Sconces on AMAZON

Second, if the helmet doesn’t motivate us, perhaps Iron Man’s steel gauntlet will stimulate us more. Which one do you choose?

Iron Man hand on AMAZON

And finally, it may be that what does not inspire you is this superhero specifically and you like Captain America more. If this is the case, don’t worry because we also have Captain America’s shield for you as wall sconces.

Captain America Shield on AMAZON

Wall sconces with LED panels

This pack of 6 panels of LED lights that are activated by touch control or remote control, will be your downfall. It also uses proximity sensors to make it very easy to turn on or off. It has 13 monochrome modes and slow, fast or even black and white flash color mode. A real discovery that will illuminate your fantasies.

AMAZON Paneled Wall Sconces

Tetris lighting

This lamp has the advantage that its design is changeable. Set in the Tetris game, its modules are individual and you can attach them to your liking by changing the design. There are endless combinations to make your wall look as original and unique as possible.

Full color pack

Now let’s see another type of wall sconces that you can control both with the tips of your fingers, and by the remote control that it comes with. It has the option of synchronization with music or with voice, timer, etc. Its 16 million colors and 213 color change modes will ensure that you have the perfect lighting for the occasion you require. Quite an invention!

A variety of this type of lighting is this pack with two wall lights that you can place on walls or ceilings. With its remote control you can vary the colors to your liking to give that room a more special atmosphere. You can even make the colors change or stay fixed. Its adhesive magnetic installation gives you the option of being able to place it anywhere and since it is rechargeable by USB, it does not require cables.

Pack of multicolored appliques on AMAZON

Decide on the style of light that you are going to place on your walls and dare to stand out. It’s time to enjoy superior lighting in your home.

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