Pencil sharpeners that will sharpen smiles

Although mechanical pencils are being used more and more, we will always have a pencil at home that wears out and needs to be sharpened. Since we have to have a pencil sharpener at home, so that we don’t lose it in the drawers, let’s look for those that are really original and that we don’t want to lose.

Robot pencil sharpener

An original model with which you will want to sharpen your pencils at all hours, is this nice robot.

Robot Pencil Sharpener on AMAZON

Sacapuntas nariz

Produce un poco de angustia pensar que el agujero de la nariz es realmente un sacapuntas de lo más divertido.

Gusanito colorido

This colorful little worm with two holes for two types of pencils is a hoot. It looks like the color note of the table, but it really is a fun model to choose the color that you like the most.

Modelo divertido en AMAZON

Led pencil sharpener

To anyone who loves little lights, this model will be their downfall. During sharpening, the LED light inside shines. All a whim of light.

Sharpener with led on AMAZON

Two in one model

This microphone, which is not a microphone, is really a pencil sharpener and an eraser. Who’d say! Anyone would think that it is a top mini microphone.


This light bulb is ideal not to lose it. Their cheerful smiles will be in your drawer waiting to be used. There are different models and colors.

Sharpener Bulbs at AMAZON

Cat paw pencil sharpener

This original pack of 2 cat paws will be one of your favorite objects if you love your pet. Bring your own tray to collect chips so you don’t dirty your work table.

Cat paw pack on AMAZON

Don’t stop having fun and original accessories in your drawer, or on your work table. May everything be special!

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