Very geeky blankets to be as warm

Autumn is coming and then winter, which is the time for a blanket and a sofa. Let’s see then some very geeky blankets so that that great moment is totally special, with a blanket included. Also in your bed, it will give that motivating point to snuggle up and be at ease.

Mermaid blankets

Feeling like a mermaid with this blanket is possible. Crocheted, you will not have a single foot exposed because instead you will have a magnificent mermaid tail that will give you warmth. You have it in three available colors.

Mermaid blanket in AMAZON

Tortilla blanket

This round tortilla blanket is saying “Eat me!” Therefore … use it well!

Musical blankets

If music is an important part of your life, this blanket will be covered with musical notes. You will surely take advantage of it.

Musical blanket in AMAZON

Avocado Blanket

Fun blanket to use at any time that will give you that sweet touch of the avocado heart.

Shark blanket for kids

We suppose that the people of the house, you will also want a blanket for when you are spending hours on the play or reading your favorite book or simply watching your action movie. You will love it!


If you are one of those who spend the whole night playing games on the Play, then this blanket is the one for you. And let no one have doubts, that you are not going to be cold.

Playstation blanket in AMAZON

Luminous blanket

You still need a certain touch of light that you will get with this blanket that glows in the dark, with its stars, planets, rockets and astronauts. Try it!

Milion Dolar Blanket

What a great pleasure to be tucked in with a million dollar bill.

Milion Dolar blanket in AMAZON

Have you already decided which of these blankets will be part of your decoration?

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