Erasers and don’t erase your smile

What should always be in your desk drawer, in your pencil case, briefcase, and anywhere you study or work are erasers.

We already know that we distinguish ourselves by having by our side, curious and fun objects that awaken our own smile and that of others. Therefore, it is time to discover some of the erasers that we have located especially for you.

Pack of 36 Milan erasers

For big mistakes, big solutions! Here’s a perfect eraser for one of those mistakes you can’t make.

Food erasers that are not eaten

To which more ideal we find this pack of 36 varieties of food products but they are erasers. Which one do you like the most?

Emoji pack

A pack with 6 Emojis is the most fun. Now you can choose the most appropriate emoji to erase what you want. Which emoji will you choose today?

100 dollars to erase

Vamos ahora con un pack de 12 billetes de 100 Dólares que borrarán todo lo que esté a tu alcance. El dinero parece ser que tiene muchas utilidades. ¿Qué opinas?

Banknotes as erasers on AMAZON

Cupcake erasers

Another fun pack is the one made up of these 12 multicolored cupcakes that will brighten up the space where they are located. Some clueless may even try to take a bite Have fun!

Cupcake on AMAZON

Smartphone mode

In this case no one will know if it really is a smartphone or not. Apparently it looks like an original mobile but what no one will imagine is that it is a camouflaged eraser.

In smartphone mode on AMAZON

A colorful toilet

Who would suspect that you intend to erase a piece of writing with this fun and original toilet. This pack contains 6 pieces of the most original.

Toilet pack on AMAZON

Not an ear

Although at first glance it looks like an ear, it is not. I doubt that anyone imagines that this provocative ear on a table is really a funny eraser.

Rubber ear on AMAZON

Wieners Erasers

Have fun using one of these wieners that are really erasers each time. Original packaging and sure to attract attention decoratively.

Along with the pen

And if you still have the courage, put a message that you also erase at the end of your pen. How are these 30 motivating units.

Motivational erasers at AMAZON

When you have to erase, do it with style and giving the note, so that it does not involve any effort. Go for it!

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